About Us

Hope4Life Radio Foundation (HRF), a nongovernmental organization, seeks to inform, educate and entertain African in the US (especially those living in the Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia – the DMV area) to live better lives using qualified personnel, innovative technology (social media) and best practices and also donate to selected needy people in African countries like Ghana.


HRF will also use its Internet radio system to spread the Word of God and make presentations on how to overcome challenges been encountered by many African immigrants in the US as listed above.  Additionally, HRF plans to undertake a series of fund-raising events to raise funds for its operations as well as make donations to selected needy people in Ghana and other African countries. In undertaking these activities, the Foundation will partner with existing nongovernmental organizations in the US and in Africa to ensure the achievements of its objectives.


To be the reference point for informative, educative, and entertaining internet radio programs for Africans living in the North America region (especially the DMV area) within the next three years


Hope4Life Radio Foundation is committed to inform, educate and entertain Africans living in the USA in general and the DMV area in particular for successful lifestyle change, ultimately for better living conditions.